Let’s first understand what a research proposal is.  A research proposal is a formal document that propose a research project to be carried out.

But is writing a research proposal important?

Research proposals are important because it formally outlines the research you are intended to do. A research proposal should be both persuasive as well as comprehensive.

What exactly a research proposal do?

The proposal should not only identify what the intended research will address, but it should also explain why conducting the research is so important.

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A stirring introduction section

The main objective of our introduction should not only be to catch the attention of our readers, but also to win them over. If your introduction is written in such a way, then half the battle is already won. The ideal time to formulate the introduction section is only when all of the brainstormings, researching, verifying, formulating and drafting has been done.

A comprehensive abstract

An ideal research proposal ought to have an abstract, which essentially summarizes the entire paper. A proper abstract essentially demonstrates the key points of the entire proposal. An abstract needs to be approximately around 200 words of length. It points out the major parts of the document and hence, it is wise to draft the abstract at the last.

A problem statement

Stating the problem is to voice the research question in the form of a sentence that can make the readers think. This section is important because it directly addresses a current problem and leaves an impact on the reader’s mind so that the prospects of conducting the research can be thoroughly understood.

A background section

This section should give an in-depth insight of the current problem and direct the reader’s attention towards the possibilities of resolution of that particular problem.

Declaring the purpose

Why is it important to conduct a thesis on the topic? State the key objectives, aim and purpose of the anticipated research study.

A methodology and literature review

It is our duty to let the reader know what method we are going to apply for our project. Along with that, the section should also include a justification as to why we have chosen the particular methodology and how the research aim fits within the method’s framework.

A clear hypothesis

A research hypothesis should essentially map out the practical research framework for conducting the entire project in a structured fashion. It is one of the crucial sections of a research proposal because it decides how the research is going to be carried out without any loopholes.

Apart from these sections, a standard research proposal should also include the following major points such as: scope, limitations, schedule, budget, assumptions and research ethics.

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