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Computer Science

Computer science is the study of computers and other forms of computing systems. Unlike electrical and computer engineers, whose focus is on hardware, computer scientists are primarily interested in software and the systems that support it. All phases of the software life cycle are included.


To educate oneself in technology is to study technology so that one becomes familiar with the different tools, methods, and information bases that make up the field. Technology is the study of how humans may manipulate the physical world to suit their ends through the application of tools, machines, and methods.

Our experts have a thorough knowledge of the following set of technology software:


Researchers in a wide variety of professions utilize SPSS, or the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, to perform quantitative analyses of large datasets. SPSS’s modelling environment is quick and intuitive, and it can handle models of varying complexity.


Engineers and scientists have had exclusive access to MATLAB since its inception because of its utility in the investigation and development of potentially game-changing technologies and systems. MATLAB’s language is its most valuable feature; it’s a matrix-based language that allows for the most intuitive expression of computer math.


Python is a popular programming language used for a wide variety of purposes, including the development of websites and applications, process automation, and data analysis. Python’s flexibility and lack of focus on solving any one problem make it an ideal language for developing any number of applications.


Database and server management can be facilitated with MySQL. Although it is not technically a database, it is frequently employed for that purpose.


Microsoft Excel, along with the rest of the applications in the Office suite, is a popular spreadsheet program designed specifically with business needs in mind. Spreadsheets are organizational, calculating, and organizing tools available to users of Microsoft Excel.


Hyper Text Markup Language is what “HTML” stands for. When creating content for the World Wide Web, HTML is the preferred markup language. The structure of a website can be described using HTML. Elements are the building blocks of hypertext markup language. This page’s HTML tags instruct the browser on how to render the page’s content.


Tableau Software is a program that can magnify the value of even the smallest data sets. Further, it facilitates the handling of massive amounts of data. Providing users with a visual representation of their data is key to Tableau’s mission.


Integrated Visualization Continuity (IVM), when it comes to Petroleum Engineering data, is a software system that bridges the gap between potent analytical and modelling tools. The purpose of this tool is to provide engineers, operators, and managers with a visual representation of the information they are responsible for.

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